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Electric Fencing

Post by dewalds86 on Thu May 07, 2015 12:50 am

Are you tired of crime and in need of [url=http://shanken.co.za/electric-fencing/]electric fencing[/url]? Your first line of defense in protecting your home against unwanted entry from thieves begins with an electric fence installation. The best way to keep criminals out is by creating a physical barrier that shuts them out of your premises.

It is therefor very important to choose reliable [url=http://shanken.co.za/electric-fencing/]electric fence installers[/url] that can provide you with excellent after sales service and quality guaranteed workmanship. Quality workmanship means nothing if the electric fence installers you choose do not provide efficient after sales service.

At Shanken Security Solutions our electric fence installers specialize in the supply and installation of electric fencing and security fencing products. Our company is based in Somerset West and we cover the entire Helderberg area including Strand, Gordons Bay and even Stellenbosch.

With all the high tech security solutions that is available today our electric fence installers have found that physical security is just as important if not more important than ever before.

We often assume that newer technology should replace traditional physical security such as walls, fences, locks and bars. The reality is that these barriers have proven their effectiveness over time. These physical methods of security should rather be enhanced by newer technologies such as CCTV cameras.
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