██ 100 Posts for $4.00 ██ Best value! ██

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Open ██ 100 Posts for $4.00 ██ Best value! ██

Post by Shock on Sun May 03, 2015 11:57 pm

Shock's Market
I offer quality posts, comments, and articles to all members of Advertise Highway.

Forum Posts minimum one thread per post ordered
50 posts - $3.00 (up to two weeks)
100 posts - $4.00 (up to four weeks) $0.04 per post!
10 threads - $1.00 (up to one week)
25 threads - $2.00 (up to two weeks)

Note: I only post on sports, technology, politics, gaming, internet, or general discussion forums.

Blog Comments minimum one article per comment ordered
5 comments - $0.80 (up to three days)
10 comments - $1.20 (up to one week)
20 comments - $2.00 (up to two weeks) $0.10 per comment!

Topics: Sports, Gaming, Technology, Computers, Politics, Fitness
200 words - $2.50 (up to three days)
300 words - $3.25 (up to five days)
500 words - $5.00 (up to one week)
+ $0.01 per additional word over 500

All payments are upfront. If you don't trust me, don't order.

Please PM me your order. If your website does not have enough threads/blog posts, there may be a delay in the completion of your order.

Order Template
[b]Type[/b]: (Post, Comment, Article)
[b]Amount[/b]: (include amount of topics if you want topics)
[b]Notes[/b]: (e.g. have an avatar)
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