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Post by iJerick on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:21 pm

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World's first new type of promoting site

We do apologize it took a week before we could open the new CF. Now its done only some little things need a fix but its good and working. Thats what counts!

release topic:

CF features:

A Welcome PM you get on first log in to help you and welcome you to CF.
We got now a chat room where you can talk about anything you want.
Comment mod is replaced with the chat room.
Around 8 other fully working mods that make CF more enjoyable.
A type of site that is original and new.
Fully customizable forum you can request.
User friendly service, we also keep releasing new things to keep the site fresh.
Allot more for you to find out ...

It would be also very interesting for you to check out: [size=150]Our Goal[/size]

⭐ Except of having a fully working service we do offer something else to. For everyone that has a forum on CF can also affiliate with CF getting there banner shown up on every page. In the past this was only displayed on the index.

And we offer some of topic fun to Smile 🆒

Some nice topics you can find there and of course contribute to make your own.

Getting your own forum set up has never been so easy.
Simply make a request topic and see your forum added in no time for free! :great:

Come and check CF out today!
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