Seeking partner for up coming fan gaming site! On MyBB

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Seeking partner for up coming fan gaming site! On MyBB

Post by master412160 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:57 am

Greetings everyone! Smile

Thanks for your attention, if I may ... I need a partner-founder to start with me a fan gaming site. You don't need to own the game or games of the series but it would be welcome and more easy. It won't be a gaming site, but 80% of the forum will be about the games it is a fan community of.

The site is already up, so are the forums on it. They might need change over time but for now they will do. There is some work left to do before we can open the site.

I thus need someone who can help out with the skills I don't have like:

    Coding, HTML
    knowing very much about MyBB
    knowing to find any existing mod for MyBB
    Being able to make a banner and badges for the site (example: Admin, moderator)
    other things ... I don't came up with now.

So you need to know how to add something or change in the theme. Like make it darker or change colors. It would be nice to know if you can make a custom them yourself or not. I need someone who can be dedicated, preferred not being staff on other boards or not on many. Because then he/she can fully work on this project. Also see the board as your own board because if you get accepted it is our board and our project we work on.

I belief the community can become a good success but alone I cannot start this endeavor-challenge.

I want to thank you all for your time and maybe to work with you. I'll PM you the site link so you know exactly what the site is and will be about. If you are not interested after knowing what this project is about please do not give the link to anyone and preferred delete the PM.
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