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Post by migpiads on Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:32 am

buy stocks internet. nvestors said: ’I continue to find out, even in the times to travel abroad. In other countries, when there is spare cash, savings usually one half, the other half to buy securities. Their long-term investment, good business choice, annual dividends higher than bank interest rates. Unfortunately money on bad business, bankruptcy, sometimes lost. ’And added: ’The country as a listed company paying the dividend, the stock price on the closing date no corresponding downward adjustment in Vietnam’. Then a question: ’It is the year of investment, dividends are normal. To adjust the fell, investors did not turn out to be something? ’. This question was also put to the official creditors committee, he said at first by the newly established markets, we received the aid of a water technology, but that their countries share price correction on the dividend record date, we will do so. Now adjust the correction must always both technologies. Stories gleaned from such investor day also. They all revolve around whether to buy shares, investment shares do. At first glance, anyone can respond immediately to search for profits, literally making money both short and long term. There are people who rely on dividends, with the expected up. However, throughout the month 4-2007 from far, most stock prices, dividends are not higher than the share price. Most investors, from individuals to organizations, both losses, lost money, a lot, little guys. The organization is not disbursed, or cut losses early, bank deposits, capital preservation, supposedly trendy purchase shares
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