Centrifuge bearing seat since the cooling device

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Centrifuge bearing seat since the cooling device Empty Centrifuge bearing seat since the cooling device

Post by bkmjhfd on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:48 pm

The representation of the centrifugal separation of high-speed rotating machinery in recent years, China's economic development, high-speed centrifugal separation are increasingly used environmental protection sewage treatment, medicine, chemical, food and other hard frontal separation, levels of industry. This is upheld by manufacturing or bigger problems in the actual production run is bearing temperature is higher, led to the suspension of bearing damaged light person production, if lost serious safety accidents. Other bearing temperature rise of mechanical operation can only be controlled within a certain range the recorder centrifugal separation of production and the core element of the treatment effect. Because of, can reduce the axial temperature bearing in manufacturing centrifugal separation root top priority to solve technical problems.
Coat exploration, a kind of simple, low cost of Supplier For Wholesale SKF 61904 Bearings seat is a cooling device, the right to succeed - type electric fan technology application partition (he is applying for patent technology, reduce the bearing temperature. The effect of application technology of the continuous high-speed centrifugal separation of 24 h in the operation of the production, bearing temperature 45 ° c or less 25 ° c temperature rise or less. Machinery industry has fallen dramatically. Compared the standard (jb/t502-2004) required the bearing temperature of 65 ° c or less, or less 35 ° c temperature. Under the condition of low temperature, improve running recorder 200 ~ 500 r/min, life extension allows the use of the bearing of 3000 h, increase production capacity, machine has the economic benefits of around 30%. Is a cooling device, bearing, electric fan type partition power technology is one of the traditional bearing set fan type partition away from the right. The fan type partition right and setting up the conflict is the most simple traditional bearing set partition fixed bearing outer ring and bearing the lateral axis with partition is commonly used in power. The device in addition to bearing partition power unchanged under the condition of bearing inner power and right of football with partition between circle plus electric fan type partition, from 1.
All parts after the installation of smoke lampblack machine to shallow QuanJiong lock screw, I in power and football together with partition rights following conclusion partition axis rotation. Partition circle evenly distributed on the sculpture # indebted trailers outside axis through wind heat within the trend line socket bearing construction team and the continuous emergence of gap discharge quantity of heat, records bearing the tenet of hypothermia.
Fan type partition rights available aluminum alloy or cast iron. Door leaf ignorance of available materials such as machining parts since good debt welding or bolt can be connected. Can be widely used in machinery and equipment of the start of the practical and economical efficiency of high speed high area.
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