Best Expense Tracker App for iPad | Expense Tracker 2.0

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Best Expense Tracker App for iPad | Expense Tracker 2.0

Post by BrettHarry on Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:26 am

Best Expense Tracker App for iPad | Expense Tracker 2.0

Effective budget planning starts with understanding how you spend your money and evaluating your current spending habits. To do this, you will need to track your expenses.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a unique app for any individual to keep track of the expenses while not forgetting to upsize their Savings. In-built Financial Assistant will comment on your Financial Health Status and encourage you to save more every month.

Expense Tracker 2.0 shows what are your Individual Expenses every month, Recurring Expenses, Expense Wheel with expense categories, and your Financial Health Status with Advices on how to upsize your Savings.

► 10 Reasons why you MUST have Expense Tracker 2.0 on your iPad and iPhone ◄

01. Manage personal finances on-the-go.

02. Experience in-built Financial Assistant's comments & feedback for increased saving.

03. Add monthly Recurring Expenses and pay them without forgetting or delaying

04. Bird's eye view of your Projected Savings and Financial Overview.

05. Effortlessly view and organize information by Month.

06. Generate Monthly Financial Reports and email them in PDF format.

07. "Classic" & "Modern" UI Themes for improved visibility.

08. Inbuilt Calculator with copy & paste features.

09. Secure your financial data with built-in PassCode + Backup & Restore Options

10. Expense Tracker 2.0 is 100% FREE to try out in your iPad and iPhone

Get Expense Tracker 2.0 to your iPhone| iPad:

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