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Post by Ztreme on Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:43 am

Have you spent half of your life in searching for an excellent free host, free domains or even a VPS? Well, if so, or even if it is not so, you’re at the right place. SubnetWeb is the spot where you’re given free web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers or TLD domains.

What makes it different from all other free service providers :

• Several giveaways each week/month.

• You get you commodity within 2-3 days of your request being accepted.

• Very helpful community.

• High-speed VPS’, Dedicated Server’s for free without any hidden charges.

What is SubnetWeb?

SubnetWeb is not a ‘most’ popular or huge community as it was started back in June 2013. Having 600+ members, this community has grown very rapidly serving most of them with reliable services.

It is a community to get free TLD domains, VPS’, Dedicated Servers, cPanels, etc. You’re given everything high-speedy and unlimited without any restrictions. If you don’t even trust them at beginning, they’ll make you trust them.

Their servers remain up 24/7 (99.9% uptime) as I have not noticed any downtime yet and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t notice in future too.

People who have been blessed with the services of SNW have made several reviews on their commodities in order to share what they have got and how fast it is.

What you need to do?

Work on your part is very little, you’re given free items depending on your activity. The more you’re active, the more you gain.

You must have atleast 25+ relevant posts (which are not basically spam).

Got you request accepted? Do you feel like your work is over?

Well no, you have to stay active on forums in order to continue your service. You must make atleast 20 posts per month after getting what you want.

These’re just a few things you have to do to maintain your services on SubnetWeb.

Other things for fun :

That’s not it. There are several places where you can put your problems and get them sorted as fast as possible. The staff and members are always up to help you out with anything without ignoring your problems (unlike some other sites).

Are you a gamer? Well, a place for gamers will be cool, no? Yes, they’ve kept all this in mind and have also given gamers a place to share their achievements and level up.

How do they get the items?

Staff of SubnetWeb is sponsored by some other service providers. No, they do not get it for free, they actually have to pay for the things they give. They also accept donations via Paypal and Bitcoins.

If you’re really appealed with their services and can afford to donate, please do, it’ll help them as well as other members going to join SubnetWeb in future.

Giveaways, yay!

Are you willing to give something away? Correct, SubnetWeb offers to give away your items as well as a chance to be a winner of another giveaway.

Giveaways take place every week or two. If you’re lucky enough, you might get a chance have yourself won in one.

No, those are not fake, people have actually won items in those giveaways (domains, cPanels, etc.).

VIP Membership :

SubnetWeb also offers VIP membership. You can be one by donating some of your pocket to them.

What are advantages :

You can own more than 1 VPS or other things. You get a custom color and unlock more interesting features.

You get to know more people and obviously, you’re called as a V.I.P. which is a very good thing in my opinion.

I’m not one of them as I cannot afford to donate. I would really like to do that sometime.

Conclusion :

I’m really impressed with their services and recommend it to whoever I see. They’re actually working hard to serve people who cannot afford to get those items mentioned above.

I hope I helped you to get what you want. This is the best service provider I’ve came across till now, no other company can compete this.

If you’re impressed with this, please register here : subnetweb .me

Thank you.
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