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Freetorrentinvites ~ Fastest Way to Access!

Post by TorrentSanta on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:18 pm

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Freetorrentinvites ~ Fastest Way to Access!
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Are you tired of downloading sites like piratebay and kickasstorrents? Where you get slow speed, the torrents are filled with viruses and you only get crappy quality on your files?
Then you should move up and get into the private torrent community.
Very few know about these sites, and there is a good reason for that. They try to keep it that way.
But we will help you! We will give you invitations to this kind of sites for free!

There are very few users on these various sites, but the beauty of it is that all those users are quality users.
Everybody have a good connection, and are active with torrenting.
That's the reason why everybody who uses private downloading sites get top downloading speed all the time and finds the best material.
There are absolutitely no viruses on the torrents from these sites either.

There are pretty many of these closed sites to, you can find sites that specialzes in music, tv, movies, old movies, learning materials, and even sites that specialzes in getting content out first on the web. All the movies and TV series you download from private sites are material that those closed sites got first. So the ones that use these sites get material a pretty long time before everybody else.

You may still think that you don't need these sites. But I can go in deeper for you and explain what these closed sites offer that the open ones don't.

On Piratebay, Kickasstorrents and other public downloading sites there are pretty much just crappy quality on the movies, like xvid quality. You are living in 2012, why not download HD movies that you can actually watch on the TV?
On closed sites you will find lots of different quality on the movies, you choose yourself who good quality you need. Even if the files are bigger, it should be no problem because of the good downloading speed you will get.
There are also some sites that specializes in very old movies and other kinds of rare movies that you can only dream of finding out in the open. Join the forum to know more about this.

There are many music sites that specializes in different kinds of music. I don't need to name the genres because there are sites that specializes to each kind of genre, you will find everything.
Offcours there is also a couple music sites that have a various of everything. You will find unbelivable quick realeases on these sites, so you can easily have your favorite band newest album some days before your friends.

Some of these downloading sites specializes in TV content, and they are very good to have. You can download a episode of your favourite TV show right after it has been aired.
There are also packs of almost any show that has ever been on the air available, witch is awesome.

This is a very special thing that only users of the private torrent community can take advantage of.
From what I have experienced its impossible to find learning materials on open downloading sites.
But there are downloading sites who specialize in this, and they have an impressive archive with this kind of stuff. Knowledge is a really great thing to have, and it's a shame you have to pay for it.
That's way you should be a part of this community to get it for free.

[size=85]There are offcours other categories but if you want to know more, you'll have to register at You will find all your answers there.[/size]

Some other things about the closed sites;

You may wonder who these sites look, and I will guarantee you that 99% of the sites have a better design then the ones you are using today, and 60% of them are more userfriendly.
For an example, many movies sites have IMDB ratings, direct trailer links and information on the movie that you can read before you download it.

Yes and no. You need an invitation on these sites to be a member. Only way to get an invite is to be invited by an already member.
With using our forum you will get to know users who are members on these sites, and they will give you invites. There are offcours more rare sites that are harder to get into. So for you access those kinds of sites you need to be an active member in the community before you get a hold of the really rare stuff.
Many of the sites that you will be granted invites to almost immediately is almost as good as the rare ones, but many will try to get the rare one because of its prestige and close community.

We are a very new forum, with few members. But we are working hard and we are getting bigger and bigger for every day. The users we have are very active and helpfull, and we are ready to help any newbegginers who wants to know more about the private torrentcommunity.
We also seek people wants to be a part of the administration and running of the site!
Check us out, become a member and get your free invites. I promise it will be worth it.

If you have any question, I will happy to answer them. Just post here or ask a question on the forum Smile

Thanks for your time!

- TorrentSanta
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