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Post by Advertised on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:52 am
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Sign up right now : https(Smile//scenebits(.)info/signup.php

Scenebits is a 0day tracker which had some issues and lost a lot from its content , and users.Now it reborned again and only in 1 month more then 10.000 were uploaded.Why this tracker is so special ? Simple, because it has an extremly good pre time , few seconds or minutes.But that's not all.To offer even a better advantage in joining them , they are using seedbox, all of their content is uploaded on a seedbox , rising you're download speed over 1 MB (even that it is External ) or close to it .So you don't have to be scared of that litle 1 seeder, cause that little one seeder is a seedbox.You'd better join them faster before they go closed again.They are very restrictive and have their own rules and ideas.

But that's not all they also offered some upload boost for everyone , to enjoy now at beggining , cause after it will be harder to compete with a seedbox .

Here are :

This weekend ONLY (20-23 jul 2012), all NEW SceneBits members will

get a Signup Bonus of 100GB! Imagine: that is the average equivalent of about

TWENTY-FIVE (25) 720p HD movies, ONE-HUNDRED and FORTY (140) Xvid/DVDRips, or a

THOUSAND standard size MP3 albums! Of course, don't go using it all up at one go
So please get the word out to your family, friends, enemies... etc., and use those

invites, guys!
This is to help all our prospective new members to maintain a good ratio, and a nice

welcome. p.s.: Don't forget to SEED

*Due to popular demand, the required Seeding Times have been REDUCED for all SceneBits

Members!!! All user classes will now need to seed for 36 hours instead of 48 / 72

hours. Remember that the longer you seed, the more Karma you get! 😇

*DoubleUpload is an active on the board .

*All torrents are free and upload is worth x2 .

They have 2 templates, one white and the other one darker...regarding your preferences.
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Sign up right now : https(Smile//scenebits(.)info/signup.php

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