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Post by sCam on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:30 am

Forum Name:Anime junkies
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Your Name on the Forum: sCam
Description:What used to be a streaiming site, now a imageboard. Anime junkies is your one stop for everything Anime. We have great discussion topics, new episode discussion forum(like wise for manga), wide selection of themes, general board, spam boards, Vip zone(hidden from new users, and regular members) it only has 4 rules which is no; CP, Beastality, Guro, and no Scat. Anything else is welcome xD, plus loads more.

The place is really friendly, we take pride in our members & staff with thier somewhat "different" personality, not the usual kind of group you see elsewhere in other anime communities, and one thing we're not is "boring" & "dead"

Most of all the active are gfx crazy people, so if you're into photoshop/Gimp we'll be glad to make your aqquaintance. We have a gfx tournament coming up, so if you wanna join now, and show off your skills, then do so by any means neccasary.

So what're you waitining for? Join people. We accept lurkers!!!
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