Are Family Courts In America Biased?

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Are Family Courts In America Biased?

Post by barutiwa on Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:09 pm

The social contract among families in America are at a breaking point according to social activists. Due to feminism and family courts that are anti-father, many American children are growing up not knowing very much about their father's family. If this trend is not arrested, then America will have a generation of people who will not know their grandparents, uncles, aunts, first-cousins and half-brothers or half-sisters. Fragmented family connections, consisting of people who live in the same city or region, can lead to incest and other social ills. In his editorial "Fathers Must Keep Relations With Children Despite Unfair Laws", Baruti M. Kamau of News Wire put the burden of the blame on disgruntled mothers turned feminist. Mr. Kamau argues that a failed relationship or marriage can mean the separation of the biological father from his children in Western society and that should not be. Kamau says factors that cause the separation of the father from his children are a violation of the fathers and his childrens' human rights. The full editorial can be read and commented on by clicking here.
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