Ihost4You is Hiring!

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Ihost4You is Hiring!

Post by Shole on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:09 am

We are in need of some new staff members.
Slots Free:
Global Moderator (2 Slots)
Support Staff (2 Slots)

Requested Skills:
Global Moderator- Good English spelling and grammar, posting 2 posts at least per day.
Support Staff - Any skill from html to free hosting use is welcomed.

Reply here or go to this topic:

Our Description:
Website: http://ihost4you.com/
Forum: http://ihost4you.com/forum/
IHost4You is a new hosting company that uses the vistapanel for free and the Cpanel for paid hosting plans.
The best way to start a forum or website is using a free web space host. IHost4You is a company that interacts with every host user by helping him/her install forum software's(SMF,phpBB....) , scripts (Guestbook, mafia game .....) and create their website. For every problem there can be found a solution at our forums or just open a ticket.

“As i started with free hosting i was new to everything I didn't even know what html means. But soon with help from the Ihost4You staff I managed to make a website and even earn from it”

- Aleksandar Mitrovic

“I love the Ihost4you they helped me make a great forum with now over 12000 posts. I never though it would be so easy making a great active forum.......The most amazeing was and still is its free! The hosting and the support!”

- Jhon Denis McKarty

We are also looking for new staff members http://ihost4you.com/forum/index.php?topic=9.0

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